Day 42: Time’s up!

Time’s up for my plastic – free life; and time’s up for plastic!! I’ve learnt a lot, and it’s made me focus on how awful the problem really is. Steps I ‘d like to see taken are: a ban on all plastic bags, followed by a ban on shrink-wrapped fruit and veg, a plastic-free aisle in every Supermarket and improved government information and advice on recycling…and that’s just the start of it….

But, look at that! I got so used to living without consciously buying plastic, that I went past my 40 day self-induced deadline! Wey hey! So, I guess that I had better sum up the experience in some way or other:

Yes, plastic is an amazing, useful material, with its diversity of uses and properties;

Image result for supermarket boxed mushrooms
This ISN’T an example of amazing plastic!

However, we’ve stupidly, over-produced and used it for many unnecessary things; and now we have a vast problem…..

I t’s been great being pro-active about something I feel passionate about but also, at times, depressing – because it’s really made me focus on the multitude of unnecessary plastic out there.

I dropped in at Waitrose today, bought some plastic wrapped celery, left the wrapper on the counter – and wondered; if we collected all the pointless plastic from shopping in just one supermarket in Abingdon (which is a town with a population around 36,000) what would it look like? How big would the pile be? And then multiply that around the country, world…etc…then one sees the problem…

So, where to from here?

  • I intend to be more proactive by way of joining my local plastic-cutting group meetings, hoping to put pressure on supermarkets and spread the word.
  • I intend making those eco-bricks I found out about. This will hopefully give me practically zero plastic waste.
  • And I intend to buy all my fruit and veg plastic free in future, and bulk buy anything else i need to cut down on plastic waste.
  • I intend to buy and use those fruit and veg sacks I mentioned; I’ve decided they are a better idea than paper bags…which don’t last very long.

I will update this blog from time to time. The main problem is that we have been complacent for too long, blinkered or naive re the extent of the plastic problem; A few years ago; I hardly thought twice about shrink-wrapped goods. Now, I feel a need to raise the profile of the plastic problem; to get through to others, pull their blinkers off to show how ridiculous, wasteful and dangerous the situation has become.

The fight against plastic goes on…it’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to plastic.

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