Day 36: The humble toothbrush and package-free stuff from Millets Farm

Did you know that 3.6 billion toothbrushes are made every year and many of those end up in the ocean/landfill? However, look what I found – at Waitrose; a ‘Humble’ toothbrush. The packaging is made from cardboard and compostable paper and the toothbrush is made from bamboo which can be disposed of in the compost bin. The bristles are made of ‘nylon 6’ which can be disposed of with plastics…after removing with pliers/ chopping off head (toothbrush head!). Besides this, every purchase benefits children in need projects. ‘The Humble Co’ is a Swedish firm and can be found on Facebook.

On running out of a few basics at home, I recently became acutely aware of the fact that if I hadn’t any plastic supplies prior to starting my plastic ban, I wouldn’t have managed as well as I have. I have run out of rice and lentils. Also, my grey roots have become exceedingly noticeable… as I have banned myself from hair dying products. I am also aware that the tins of tomatoes, beans and fruit I have been buying may have plastic coatings inside.

Yesterday, we went to Millets Farm, looking for a bird feeding station…(they sold the same grotty brand as I had already purchased from Argos…’Gardsman’ which doesn’t stand up straight due to useless threads that join the poles…grrr) but on a more positive note, I plundered their loose fruit and veg and noticed that they have some frozen foods that can be shovelled into plastic reusable containers; stir-fry mix, fruit salad mix, sweet potato fries and much more!

And this must be one of the most diabolical and unforgivable uses for plastic: ‘
This awful netting has suddenly gone up all around UK purely to stop birds nesting so developers can legally destroy our trees and hedgerows (birds, wildlife, bees, hedgehogs, insects, environment, health and well being). Say no to this and sign this petition. ‘…

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