Day 29: ‘Abingdon Cuts Plastic Group’, some interesting products from Lakeland and re. the smallest room in the house.

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Firstly a message from ‘1 million women’ – (a brilliant site), on what the EU community are doing re plastic; sorry to be political, but what a shame we are isolating ourselves from them – when they consider eco-policies so well; the Eu has approved a ban in Europe of the following single-use plastics ; namely, plastic straws, plastic cotton buds, plastic drink stirrers, oxo-degradable plastic bags and polystyrene cups. The ban will take place in 2021.

These are some of the ECO products available from Lakeland.

Did you know there is an ‘Abingdon Cuts Plastic’ Group that meet monthly?
They are a subgroup of Abingdon Carbon Cutters and are affiliated to Surfers Against Sewage. Their aim is for our town to have (single-use) plastic-free status by the end of 2019. They emailed me and asked if I’d like to attend their meetings, which I will as and when I can.

  • The drawstring fruit and veg bags are reusable and the mesh allows air to circulate. However, the site does state that they are made from ‘high quality polyester net’…so I won’t be buying them just yet! They cost £6.99 for a pack of 5 .
  • The ecozone nuts are an alternative to washing detergents and are said to be 100% natural and envirotnmentally friendly. But do they do the job, has anybody out there used them? They are priced at £5.99 at 300g.
  • The ‘guppyfriend Washing bag’ catches microfibres and microplastics. They are made from a super-fine mesh known as Polyamide 6.6 Unfortunately, it costs a whacking £29.99 to buy.
  • The sponge cleaning cloths are 100% biodegradable and cost £5.99 for a pack of 5.

I slipped up a little the other day; Yes!  On coffee again – I bought a Douwe Egberts glass jar of coffee, with glass lid, but it has  a naughty plastic seal inside the lid.Image result for douwe egberts

However, to redeem ourselves, my husband has found a loo paper solution, in the form of Waitrose white bathroom tissue in a cardboard box.  Expensive at 85p a box – each containing 65 x 2 ply sheets. He also bought ( in desperation) a  toothbrush.  The manufacturer is ‘TePe’ and the toothbrush is made using 100% green energy.  The toothbrush handle is made from sugarcane and the bristles are bio-based. The toothbrush is said to be 96% biobased plastic, although, crazily enough the packaging is mostly plastic…Hmmm…you win some and you lose some!


Who gives a Crap’ is a site dealing solely in providing paper-wrapped loo-paper. (This used to be in every supermarket but I can’t find any now!) I was keen to order some loo-rolls (although the name was a little off-putting!) On going on-line I discovered that one can’t do a one-off buy – you have to choose a regular order option (hmm…for your regular deposits in the throne room).

Buy Multiple Boxes and Save - 100% Recycled Toilet Paper - 3-ply - Double Length Rolls

Anyway, here’s a link to their website: .

2 thoughts on “Day 29: ‘Abingdon Cuts Plastic Group’, some interesting products from Lakeland and re. the smallest room in the house.

  1. Some useful ideas. I’ve been using a different brand of soap nuts and they are fine for lightly soiled laundry but are struggling somewhat on white table napkins with the likes of bolognaise stains. And interesting about TePe, I’m just finishing off an old packet of their plastic interdental brushes before I try out some bamboo ones I’ve now found. Perhaps worth contacting them re the packaging


    1. Thanks for your comments; good to know there are new eco products out there; it’s early days and things will hopefully improve. People power is needed to up the demand which will improve the quality and availability of eco goods.

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