Day 24: Homemade toothpaste and the goodness of goats!

Well, it had to be done….or tried, at least. Here’s the recipe I used for my homemade toothpaste:

  • 1 tbsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 10 drops of peppermint oil

RESULT: It tastes very salty…and I’m wincing as I type in the memory of the flavour. But it’s worth a try……………….or is it? I’m wondering now, how do I stop it becoming unhygenically contaminated by 4 different toothbrushes (owned by members of my family) dipping in and out of it? I’m keeping it in a sealed plastic box (one I already possessed). I suspect once my children have tried it, they will go out and buy their own toothpaste!

I looked on Colgate’s website for their opinions on homemade toothpaste: There are many products that DIY enthusiasts can make on their own, but toothpaste shouldn’t be one of them. To protect your teeth, make sure to buy toothpaste with cavity-fighting fluoride. ‘ well; you might say – they would say this because they want us to buy their toothpaste! However, they state the following reasons:

  • Homemade toothpastes leave out flouride which keeps enamel strong
  • Bicarbonate of soda may be harmful to enamel. (As it is often suggested as a natural alternative oven cleaner, I can appreciate this!)
  • It may be difficult to keep it sanitary.
  • You may need to keep it in the fridge.

Conclusion: Maybe this is one plastic product I will have to buy? The other alternative is ‘tooth tabs’…available at Lush in a no-no plastic bottle, or sold for 5p each at ‘The Market Garden’ Eynsham.

And, on the ‘goodness of goats’ – My husband bought me this shampoo bar today – wrapped in paper…hoorah! And, it is suitable for irritating skin conditions (which I have). Feedback coming soon on this product. It was bought in Abingdon at our local excellence market (on a Saturday every 3 months). See the pic for the website.

2 thoughts on “Day 24: Homemade toothpaste and the goodness of goats!

  1. I bought a jar of the Georganics toothpaste but don’t really like it and it doesn’t have fluoride either. I asked my dentist about this and she said fluoride is essential. I did get 5 dentabs to try and liked these plus they do have fluoride, so I’m planning to buy those once I eventually finish the Georganics


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