Day 21: Just over half way! But unsettling news on the paper bag v plastic bag front.

Tomorrow I will be experimenting with making my own toothpaste as we have finally run out!

Image result for toothpaste recipe
I’ve got the first three ingredients, just need to buy the peppermint oil…hopefully it comes in a glass bottle…but I have my doubts!

Yesterday, I was horrified to read this article from

‘Four times as much energy’

In 2011 a research paper produced by the Northern Ireland Assembly said it “takes more than four times as much energy to manufacture a paper bag as it does to manufacture a plastic bag.”

Unlike plastic bags (which the report says are produced from the waste products of oil refining) paper requires forests to be cut down to produce the bags. The manufacturing process, according to the research, also produces a higher concentration of toxic chemicals compared with making single-use plastic bags.

Paper bags also weigh more than plastic; this means transportation requires more energy, adding to their carbon footprint, the study adds.

Perhaps something like these bags are the best idea. They can be bought from various online sites. The ones in the pic are described as: ‘REUSABLE ORGANIC COTTON PRODUCE BAGS BY GREEN TULIP ETHICAL LIVING’
£1.50 each.

They can be bought at and have very good reviews – or the alternative is make your own (see day 18 of this blog).

Anyhow, the good news is that I’ve found a fab website that is just brimming full with good ideas (and we may need them with Brexit just round the corner!)

Image may contain: text

I’m not sure why this site is only targeted at women…but, it does give so much useful information re fighting plastic! Their statement is: ‘WE ARE WOMEN AND GIRLS FROM EVERY CORNER OF THE PLANET BUILDING A LIFESTYLE REVOLUTION TO FIGHT THE CLIMATE CRISIS.’ (…sounds good to me!) I get posts from them on my Facebook page, such as: 8 ways to reduce your plastic footprint, how to stop toothbrushes ending up in landfill, a plastic free bathroom toolkit, how to stop plastic microfibre pollution…and much more!!!…I may just have a look at their toothpaste recipe!

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