Day 18: potty plastic, confession time and a bright spark.

Is it about time garden centres recycled these pots?

Last week, I went to a local garden centre, ‘Millets’ and came away with some great loose fruit and veg., but NO plants …and why?…..Because, they were all in plastic plant pots. This has led me to wonder, why don’t garden centres have recycling bins for plant pots? I have just acquired a garden shed and after tidying up the garden realised that I have too many of the damn things to fit into my shed. I intend to contact a few garden centres; namely B&Q, Homebase and Millets…to see what they can do!

Confession time; On Friday, whilst shopping at Waitrose, I happily added a newspaper to my shopping basket (free if you spend more than £10…I think). On arriving home, I opened the paper only to discover that the magazine inside was lurking in PLASTIC PACKAGING!!! What an oversight on my part. But it made my husband feel less guilty about the plastic packaged card he had previously, absent mindedly bought…

  • Also, my son has returned after 3 months in Guatemala. He presented me with this postcard.
  • A typical fruit and veg market in Guatemala. I asked if the produce displayed were in green plastic sacks…..but no, they aren’t – they are in leaves and baskets. Good!

However, someone else on the Facebook stream presented this pic of her own version made out of net curtains; what a brilliant idea!

This fab idea comes from Teresa Furniss. I hope she doesn’t mind me advertising it…I had better check this out!

4 thoughts on “Day 18: potty plastic, confession time and a bright spark.

  1. What a fab idea re plant pots. One of the classes at my son’s school has requested surplus garden material for a project, so I need to tidy garage to see what I can give away


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