Day 12: Hurray for BirdsEye and info on Eco bricks

Look what we’ve discovered! A convenience food without plastic…a rare treat for us!

And as promised – some information about ecobricks!

What is an ecobrick?

An ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed with non-biodegradable waste to a set density to create a reusable building block.

What are ecobricks used for?

Ecobricks can be used for making furniture, walls and buildings.

‘Although you can build structures with them, 99% of ecobricks are being used for small home, school and community creations. We focus on tiny applications, like furniture models, Lego, and especially gardens.

How to get involved?

‘ We’ve worked hard to put together our GoBrik help to help with community collaborations.  GoBrik lets you log your ecobricks and work on projects together with your community.  You can join a community to work with, and you can see a map of communities that need ecobricks or that are have too many. ‘

Why make ecobricks?
It alleviates pressure from landfill and helps to clean up the environment. In urban areas residents find that the trash littering their streets can be used in a positive way.

Children in the Phillipines in their ecobrick forest play park.

My sister has actually been to an ecobrick workshop! I’m hoping she might give some information in my comments box!

6 thoughts on “Day 12: Hurray for BirdsEye and info on Eco bricks

      1. I’ve looked at that site before. Have a box for crisp packets in the garage as saw they could be taken not too far away. But didn’t realise that there was also an Ecobrick scheme on there, so I will take another look thank you


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